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Assembly requirements for titanium flanges!
Assembly requirements for titanium flanges!

Titanium flange is a component made of non-ferrous titanium or titanium alloy with purity ranging from 99.1 to 99.7, impurity elements ranging from 0.3 to 0.9, impurity elements oxygen ranging from 0.06 to 0.20, and hardness ranging from 100 to 157, which connects pipes to each other and is connected to the pipe end. Titanium flanges have excellent resistance to high temperature, low temperature, strong acid, strong alkali, as well as high strength, low density, and stable chemical properties.

The assembly quality of titanium flanges and pipes not only affects the strength and tightness of the pipeline connection, but also affects the inclination of the entire pipeline.

When assembling titanium flanges, it is necessary to comply with:

1. The center of the flange should be in a straight line with the center of the pipe.

2. The flange sealing surface should be perpendicular to the center of the pipe.

3. The position of the flange screw holes on the pipe should correspond to the corresponding positions of the flange screw holes on the matching equipment or pipe fittings, and the screw hole positions of the flange plates at both ends of the same pipe should be consistent.