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Good product photos can provide sufficient information display for online shoppers who cannot see or touch the actual product. If necessary, please call for detailed consultation!
About us
Baoji Junzheng Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd.
  Baoji Junzheng Machinery Technology Co.Ltd was established in 2016.The company is located in Baoji City,Shaanxi Province,which is known as China’s Titanium Valley.The company is mainly engaged in the processing and sales of non-ferrous metal products such as platestubesrodswiresfoils, pipe fittings,flanges, forgings, and castings made of titanium,tantalum,niobium,zirconium, and hafnium. The products are widely used in aviation,navigation,petroleum,etc.chemical industry,electric power metallurgy, medical treatment,sports,electronics,vacuum coating and many other fields. It has the 9001 quality system certifi -cation qualification including UKAS, and can provide EN10204 3.1 material certificate.
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Qualification certificate refers to the certificate issued by the government or relevant authority,which can prove that it has the corresponding professional skills or qualifications.
Our product has excellent craftsmanship and pays attention to details, Suitable for multiple fields and scenarios.
Factory Equipment
By taking photos of the factory area,we can have a clearer understanding of the company’s scale and strength. The photos of the factory area come from real records of companylifeincludina proiect implementation.aualitv controlproduction strenath,etc.Let's aet closer and understand!
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